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Additional materials needed for installation.                                                                               

1. Cement glue.

2. Notched trowel or comb.

3. White cement for grout (never use a tinted joint cement (borated) because the tiles can stain).

4. Spot cleaner (we recommend the cleaner FILAPS87/ MONESTIR)

5. Anti-stain / natural effect protector (we recommend the protector FILAFOB/ MONESTIR).

6. Wide brush (we do not recommend using a roller, because the protective layer will not be homogeneous and the product will not penetrate the joints)

7. Natural ecological wax (we recommend the natural ecological wax of FILACLASSIC / MONESTIR).

8. Water Tile Cutting Machine.

Step-by-step recommendations for the perfect installation of hydraulic tiles.

1. The surface must be leveled and dry.

2. The tiles must be cut with a water machine and not with radial to avoid breaks.

3. Distribute the glue cement homogeneously and without leaving holes with the help of a notched trowel on the surface.

4. Glue the tiles with a thin joint of 1 or 2 mm. For a thicker joint, we recommend the use of joint splice spreaders so that the distance is always the same.

5. Level the tiles once placed with a wooden strip. Do not use a hammer directly to avoid breaks in the tiles.

6. Clean the entire surface with water, construction cleaner and brush or rotary machine to remove stains and dust. Never use abrasive products (cement removers, solvents, lyes, ammonia, etc.), because these chemicals can damage the pigments and the texture of the tile.

7. Apply the first layer of anti-stain product using a broad brush evenly. Important: The surface must be dry and clean. Before applying the anti-stain product it is important to leave a waiting time so that the moisture from the cement can be removed naturally.

8. Fill the joint space with white cement using a spatula. Never spread over tiles. Important: Clean excess grout immediately with a damp cloth.

9. Clean again the entire surface with water, construction cleaner and brush or rotary machine to removestains and dust.

10. Apply the second layer of anti-stain product by means of a wide brush evenly, thoroughly impregnate the joints to seal the entire surface and minimize the subsequent absorption of stains. Important: The surface must be dry and clean.

11. Once the installation and drying of the anti-stain product is finished, it is important to cover the surface with polyethylene foam or plastic to protect it from possible stains. We do not recommend the use of cardboard, as in case of getting wet it can leave marks difficult to remove in the tiles.

12. In order to ensure optimum protection we recommend to finish using organic natural wax. (See maintenance instructions)

Storage: Stack the tiles with a maximum height of 4 boxes. The boxes must be stored in a dry place and protected from the outdoor to avoid humidity and cardboard stains on the pieces.


Maintenance of cement tiles.

For both interior and exterior it is important to perform a regular maintenance to preserve the cement tiles and reinforce the protective layer.

1. For normal cleaning, clean the surface with neutral soaps, we recommend Fila household cleaner, never use chemicals or abrasives to avoid damaging the stain and pigment of the tile.

2. Apply colorless liquid wax, pure or diluted in water with a damp cloth or mop every 2-3 months, we recommend ecological carnauba wax of Fila or Monestir for hydraulic mosaic. If it is a public establishment or a place with a lot of traffic, it is preferable to apply wax once a month.

3. To remove stains and degrease, we recommend using the Fila or Monestir construction cleanser by rubbing with a brush or rotary machine. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

For any questions or technical doubts, the Yanyare Design team will answer you through [email protected] or

phone (+34) 91 008 99 56.

Recommended products Yanyare

At Yanyare, we recommend using the cleaning, maintenance and protection products of the brand Fila, a leading company in the protection and maintenance of hydraulic tile surfaces with extensive experience in the sector. In case of need of technical assistance, Fila has a professional team that will solve all doubts. In order to have this assistance, please contact us.

1. Construction cleaner Fila PS87 / Monestir:

- Ideal for removing stains, cement and saline efflorescence.

Detergent to remove intense dirt, degreaser and paint stripper.

Content: 1 liter.

Performance: 1 liter is used for an ordinary maintenance of 200 m².

Use: Cleans and degreases very dirty hydraulic mosaic floors. Removes organic stains (food, fats, etc). Ideal for the initial cleaning of hydraulic mosaic pavements and construction stains, such as cement derivatives. Cleans without damaging the surface.

Application: To clean intense dirt and degrease, dilute in water in the proportion of 1:10 to 1:20 and apply to the surface. Let it act between 4 to 5 minutes and rub with a brush or rotary machine. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. For stripping, dilute in ratio of 1: 5 and apply. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and rub with a hand brush, scouring pad or rotating machine. Rinse with plenty of water.

2. Household cleaner Fila / Monestir:

- Detergent that delicately cleans all types of floors and liners of hydraulic tiles.

Content: 1 liter.

Performance: 1 liter is used for an ordinary maintenance of 1500 m².

Use:Cleaner of ordinary use that respects the treated and delicate surfaces. No need to rinse and leaves no residues. It can be used diluted to increase the performance. Nice perfume.

Application: Dilute 25ml in 5 liters of warm water and wash normally. No need to clarify. For more intense dirt carry out a cleaning with more concentrated solutions. It can be used in clean and dryer machines.

3. Stain sealant product Filafob / Monestir:

- Anti-stain sealant product for the protection of hydraulic mosaics.

Content: 1 liter.

Performance: 1 liter treats between 10m².

Use: Protege contra la penetración en profundidad de manchas orgánicas (grasas, comidas, bebidas, etc..) facilitando su eliminación y sin alterar el color. No crea película superficial. No altera el color y el aspecto original del material.

Application: Protects against the deep penetration of organic stains (fats, foods, drinks, etc.) facilitating their elimination and without altering the color. It does not create any surface film. It does not alter the color and original appearance of the material.

Drying time: 24 hours.

Tip: Test on a tile before performing the entire application.

4. Natural ecological wax Fila / Monestir:

Ecological carnauba wax for hydraulic mosaic.

Content: 1 liter.

Performance: 1 liter for 30/40 m².

Use: Ideal as a finishing product and maintenance of hydraulic tiles. Protects and maintains as well as recoates glare from daily worn surfaces.

Application: Can be used pure or diluted in water. Distribute the product pure or diluted in water with a damp cloth or mop. Allow to dry for at least one hour and then, if liked, polish with a cloth or with a waxing machine.

Drying time: at least 1 hour.

Frequence of use: Once every 2 or 3 months. If it is a public establishment or a place with a lot of traffic, it is preferable to apply wax once a month.

 Stain sealant products

Household cleaner

Construction cleaner Fila PS87

Natural ecological wax Fila